Today I’m profiled on The Beat @ Publisher’s Weekly, a comics industry blog that I do a bit of work for. Check it out if you want to see stumbling answers to questions about my favorite comics and a horrid picture of me imitating a camel. One of the questions was about the first comic I ever read, which I’m pretty sure was Rescue Ranger #9. It features a cowboy dinosaur on the cover which, in retrospect, explains a lot.

Those of you who are visiting from The Beat, welcome! If you want to check out what I’ve recently written, here’s a brief run-down of last week’s posts:

*A report on a strange Pokemon arcade game, the kind of weird and wonderful thing only found in Japan.

*Musings and photos from a recent hike in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

*Some snark about Online Pokies the Spider-Man/Obama team-up

*A guide to comic book stores in Portland, Oregon.

*A look back at the webcomic I did with wunderkind Peter Brandt back in 2006.

*Some thoughts on Sonic Youth and Marylin Monroe.

If you want to take a look around, the archives here go back to 2001 and cover my adventures in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Borneo, Australia, Spain, Italy, Canada and everywhere in between.

Furious White Boy Mask

I also gained a bit of web notoriety earlier this year for creating a Furious White Boy Mask which surprised me by propagated both near and far, even showing up on a site mostly centered on, well something that rhymes with … hornography.

And perhaps “hornography” is not a good note to end on, but I’m all out of self-promotion. Thanks for stopping by!