I realized that it’s almost Christmas and I still haven’t posted pictures of our lovely little Christmas tree!
I really like putting up holiday decorations, but never did it when I lived on my own. There’s something nice about having another person around the house to help herald the changing seasons with.

Or maybe putting up Your First Christmas Tree Together is just a Hallmark moment for all newly-minted couples. Ewww! Anyway, Kim and I had fun putting up the (fake, K-mart) tree together, and I think it looks really great. No, I am not a girl! I just like Christmas, OK??
(click any of the pictures for bigger versions!)


My family’s tradition is that my parents gave all us kids at least one Christmas ornament every year, to eventually start our own Christmas trees with, and those ornaments make up a big part of the decorations, along with a few that Kim and I bought together while we were in America.
Kim also tied bows to our tree and even made chocolate Christmas ornaments in the shape of Australian animals! Here’s one of them that I haven’t eaten yet. It’s a kookaburra!


We also hung up icicle lights outside our house (scandal?), even though you can’t see them very well in this picture. Our mismanaged garden should give you a sense that it’s summer, though.

But what’s that lurking down the end of our hallway??

Silly dinosaur, it is too warm for a Christmas scarf!